I’ve talked about conferencing before and so this is just an update for 2017.

(I’ve really got to work out a better way to handle these kind of linked topics. These pages aren’t really a blog, and they aren’t really articles, they’re somewhere in between. More thought necessary!)

So far I’ve been to LinuxConfAU 2017 in Hobart where I talked at the Open Hardware miniconf … unfortunately I was unable to stay for the whole thing but I’ll definitely be going to LinuxConAU 2018 in Sydney so I’ve got that to look forward to … just got to find something amazing to talk about :-).

I’ll be talking at Melbourne Python User Group about MicroPython on the 5 June, if you’re interested come along! And the Melbourne MicroPython Meetup continues with Connect All The Things! where we’ll talk about getting your MicroPython system onto the Internet. I’ll also be at MelbDjango at least sometimes!

I’ll also be talking MicroPython at PyConAU 2017 IoT miniconf in August, it’s in Melbourne this year and well worth it if you’re interested in Python. For companies working in and around Python, I strongly suggest you check out the PyCon Australia 2017 Sponsor Prospectus and see if you can help out (and get your name in front of the Python community!)

And just to try it out, I’ve put in a proposal to YOW Connected … I don’t know much about them but I’ve heard people speak highly of their other conferences such as YOW Lambda Jam so worth a go.

And of course I’m looking forward to BuzzConf at the end of the year!

All this cool stuff, in and around Melbourne … is there anything I’ve missed?


Slides are up for MicroPython and ESP32 at MPUG

I’ve also put a couple of proposals in for Developers! Developers! Developers! so we’ll see how that goes. It collided with PyCon last year but I’ve heard good things about it.

And I’m considering trying to find something worth saying at Compose Melbourne, which I went to last year and found really fascinating, if often a little over my depth. But I still enjoyed it for the brain stretching exercise.