Django REST Framework

Presented at MelbDjango 0.9 on 6 Feb 2014. Here's the slides:


  • Thanks to Common Code for organizing, hosting and sponsoring MelbDjango.
  • Not much to add from tonight, except that around half the attendees have used or at least tried Django REST Framework or the fairly similar TastyPie so it is obviously a bit of a thing at the moment.
  • Curtis's django-nap might be worth a look as a more minimalist take on a REST Framework.

Alternatives to REST

I have some reservations about REST, mostly because it seems very focussed on the "nouns" (resources) at the expense of the "verbs". Also I fear that REST-as-she-is-spoke is tied a bit too closely to HTTP/1.1.

Whereas RPC approaches are generally protocol-neutral and all about the "verbs" (messages). I quite like designing around messages but they also have their drawbacks and it seems to me there must be some kind of middle ground.


I've done some further thinking about this: see Tranquil APIs.