1. Postgres without SQL

    So some ludicrous proportion of SQL these days is generated by one ORM or another. And all the cool kids have decided to move on to the next thing anyway. So that got me thinking ... when we talk to an SQL database through an ORM, we're turning a bunch of operations on objects into a human readable query language, then turning that back into a query plan. Why?

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  2. GCC 4.6 linker switches

    Thu 16 February 2012

    Category: etc.

    Tags: C unix

    An odd little one: I was compiling some older code on gcc 4.6 / Ubuntu 11.10 and it failed to make, with the traditional error:

    undefined reference to `sqrt'

    My Makefile was trying to do something like this:

    gcc -c -o eg.o eg.c
    gcc -lm -o eg ...
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