Articles tagged 'C'

Experimenting with an Nvidia Jetson Nano

a very neat little ARM / GPU single board computer which works with Linux and CUDA.

DOOM Git Gud

Never send a human to do a machine's job

FuPy: MicroPython for FPGAs

FuPy is a port of MicroPython which runs inside an FPGA. I take a look at it and try to get my head around how to program for it ...

MAC address resolution

Why can't I just ping this widget?

Postgres without SQL

So some ludicrous proportion of SQL these days is generated by one ORM or another. And all the cool kids have decided to move on to the next thing anyway. So that got me thinking ... when we talk to an SQL database through an ORM, we're turning a bunch of operations on objects into a human readable query language, then turning that back into a query plan. *Why?*

FastCGI and Memcached, all in C

Mostly, getting stuff done fast in the web world requires doing things in parallel. However, every now and then you bump into a problem where this just doesn't work ...

GCC 4.6 linker switches

GCC 4.6 is slightly fussier about the order of its options than predecessors ...

(sort of) First Class Classes in C#

It seems, at first, that C# doesn't have first-class classes. But ...