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A Shorter Words List

Encoding cryptographic keys as passphrases, but easier to spell

Squawk.CC -- The true story

Distributed Disruption of Surveillance ...

Universal Authenticators

The Selfish Secret: Logins Without Passwords

Perhaps instead of looking at cookies as a proxy for passwords, we should be looking at passwords as a transport mechanism for secrets! The desired result is to share a secret key between the server and one or more browsers, and the password is merely a mechanism to prove the browser worthy of the secret ...

Make your own Client-side Certificates with a Pseudo CA

I've used this authentication method on a couple of different client projects so far, so I thought it might be useful to write up a quick explanation of how it works.

Imagine There's No URLs

Image a WWW using Cryptographic Hash URIs instead of URLs.

wget –certificate=$X –private-key=$X

wget 1.10.2 can fail to use an SSL client certificate unless ...