Articles tagged 'electronics'


Turning a thrift store Guitar Hero controller into a MIDI controller

RPi Pico: First impressions

My first impressions of the new Raspberry Pi Pico / RP2040, with MicroPython

Hardware Roundup

Some hardware on my workbench ...

Flobot: The Journey Continues

Flobot gets a rewrite into MicroPython, a new hardware platform and a lot more discussion ...

NodeMCU++ ?

Improving on the design of the NodeMCU modules ...

Ciril: Cubic Inch Robots in Labs

A project to create mini robots for education purposes

FloBot: A Graphical Dataflow Language for Robots

Working on a graphical dataflow language for educational robotics.

mBots using Nodebot, mBlockly and Arduino

BlueSMiRF Bluetooth HID Module

Getting data onto curmudgeonly devices