Articles tagged 'languages'

Autonomic Layouts

Following up on the "Programming Beyond Text Files" with some further points ...

DECODING: Programming Beyond Text Files

"Decoding: Programming beyond text files" at PyCOnline AU 2020

Much Ado about Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets were arguably the first Killer App for personal computers, a tabular ledger but also a kind of visual dataflow language. However, the standard spreadsheet has some pretty severe problems... sometimes, it really is time to reinvent the wheel!

WASTE: Web Abstract Syntax Tree Editor

Editing an AST in the browser

Afunctional Programming Languages

What if there were no functions?

Programming Beyond Text Files

Are programs really text files?

Flobot: The Journey Continues

Flobot gets a rewrite into MicroPython, a new hardware platform and a lot more discussion ...

A Canticle for Diff3

A brief and not necessarily totally accurate history of diff3

FloBot: A Graphical Dataflow Language for Robots

Working on a graphical dataflow language for educational robotics.

Fibonacci Regex Perversity

Repeated substitutions are Turing Complete

Functional Parallel Programming

VRML: Very Odd.