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Autonomic Layouts

Following up on the "Programming Beyond Text Files" with some further points ...

DECODING: Programming Beyond Text Files

"Decoding: Programming beyond text files" at PyCOnline AU 2020

Much Ado about Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets were arguably the first Killer App for personal computers, a tabular ledger but also a kind of visual dataflow language. However, the standard spreadsheet has some pretty severe problems... sometimes, it really is time to reinvent the wheel!


Why is it that every case is an exception to a rule?

ZOMBIE: Remote control of the DOM

What if you could have a rich web frontend without developing one?

WASTE: Web Abstract Syntax Tree Editor

Editing an AST in the browser

Afunctional Programming Languages

What if there were no functions?

Programming Beyond Text Files

Are programs really text files?

L2IoT ... IoT Networks without IP

IoT Networks without IP? Madness. But ... maybe ...

"use pure"; in Javascript

a modest proposal for better javascript: like "use strict" but purer.

Deserialize / Alter / Serialize: an Antipattern?

I was talking to $PERSON from $BIG_COMPANY the other day, and they happened to mention that around 80% of their CPU time was spent on serializing and deserializing data ...

You've got NO MAIL

From the "Ideas I'm Never Going To Implement Myself" bucket: NoMail is an email service which doesn't store anything. Anything at all. Email received by NoMail is ephemeral and exists only in your client.

Imagine There's No URLs

Image a WWW using Cryptographic Hash URIs instead of URLs.