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Credit Gateway Policies

Django REST Framework

Django REST Framework: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Presented at MelbDjango 0.9 on 6 Feb 2014

Imagine There's No URLs

Image a WWW using Cryptographic Hash URIs instead of URLs.

Making "data" URLs

MicroPython with WebUSB!

Improving the out-of-box experience for MicroPython using WebUSB

OSDC 2014 Gold Coast

My presentations at OSDC 2014 on the Gold Coast!

Python in the Browser

Squawk.CC -- The true story

Distributed Disruption of Surveillance ...

Static Sites using jQuery to appear Dynamic

A couple of people have mentioned that while they like the idea of offloading their site to a CDN, they're not ready to have their site look like some relic from 1999 ...

Static vs. Dynamic Sites

The current storm in a teacup seems to be about static vs. dynamic website design. As usual, this is a False Dichotomy ... actually, there's a whole range of options to explore.

The Emperor's New Closure: Functional Programming in Javascript

Tranquil APIs

Tranquil is a protocol framework which is designed to be very simple and very extensible.

WASTE: Web Abstract Syntax Tree Editor

Editing an AST in the browser

ZOMBIE: Remote control of the DOM

What if you could have a rich web frontend without developing one?