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Warning: Autonomous System

Journey Onward: the Apple 2 and me

"Journey Onward: the Apple 2 and me" at EveryWorld 2020

Autonomic Layouts

Following up on the "Programming Beyond Text Files" with some further points ...

DECODING: Programming Beyond Text Files

"Decoding: Programming beyond text files" at PyCOnline AU 2020

Lilygo TTgo T-Watch 2020

Lilygo were kind enough to send me some samples of their new watches: well, wrist-mounted computers, really. Here's a look at the TTgo T-Watch 2020.

Decoding: The making of

Behind the scenes of my PyConline AU 2020 presentation

Ultima IV: Reflections

Playing Ultima IV on the Apple 2 was probably what got me into computers ... well, maybe not so much playing as where it led ...

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