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"use pure"; in Javascript

a modest proposal for better javascript: like "use strict" but purer.

(sort of) First Class Classes in C#

It seems, at first, that C# doesn't have first-class classes. But ...

A Canticle for Diff3

A brief and not necessarily totally accurate history of diff3

Afunctional Programming Languages

What if there were no functions?

Aldi "Cocoon Create" 3D Printer

A pretty cheap, nifty little 3D printer which works well right out of the box

Apple Magic Trackpad for Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Maverick

(rather out of date)

Basic Mobile App Architecture

I want to discuss some weirder things on this blog, but I think it'd be a good idea to start off with an overview of how to build a very simple HTML5- or Native App friendly architecture.

BlueSMiRF Bluetooth HID Module

Getting data onto curmudgeonly devices

CQRS for Blue-Green Deployment

Bringing databases into the Blue-Green Deployment process by using CQRS and idempotent work queues.

CSS Buttons for Native Apps

Using CSS to make nice looking buttons for Native Apps (using PhantomJS)

Ciril: Cubic Inch Robots in Labs

A project to create mini robots for education purposes

Complete Containers

I like the idea of ephemeral, immutable servers in light containers but what I really want is to put the entire state in a Git repo ...

Conferences in 2017 ...

Conferencing continues in 2017 ... LinuxConfAU, PyConAU and perhaps YOW

Credit Gateway Policies

Deserialize / Alter / Serialize: an Antipattern?

I was talking to $PERSON from $BIG_COMPANY the other day, and they happened to mention that around 80% of their CPU time was spent on serializing and deserializing data ...

Django REST Framework

Django REST Framework: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Presented at MelbDjango 0.9 on 6 Feb 2014

ESP32 Capacitive Sensors

The ESP32's capacitive sensors, and how to use them from MicroPython

FastCGI and Memcached, all in C

Mostly, getting stuff done fast in the web world requires doing things in parallel. However, every now and then you bump into a problem where this just doesn't work ...

Fibonacci Regex Perversity

Repeated substitutions are Turing Complete

FloBot: A Graphical Dataflow Language for Robots

Working on a graphical dataflow language for educational robotics.

Flobot: The Journey Continues

Flobot gets a rewrite into MicroPython, a new hardware platform and a lot more discussion ...

FreeTDS without udp 1434

a quick note for anyone trying to do FreeTDS through a tunnel or a firewall pinhole

FuPy: MicroPython for FPGAs

FuPy is a port of MicroPython which runs inside an FPGA. I take a look at it and try to get my head around how to program for it ...

Functional Parallel Programming

GCC 4.6 linker switches

GCC 4.6 is slightly fussier about the order of its options than predecessors ...

Hyperterminal “send text file” eats ASCII LF / 0x0A

Imagine There's No URLs

Image a WWW using Cryptographic Hash URIs instead of URLs.

L2IoT ... IoT Networks without IP

IoT Networks without IP? Madness. But ... maybe ...

LinuxConf 2016 in Geelong

Linuxconf 2016 was held in Geelong ...

LinuxConf 2017 in Hobart

I've been to LinuxConf before and I've been to Hobart before but this time I'm going to LinuxConf in Hobart, for the Open Hardware Miniconf

LinuxConf 2018 in Sydney

Talking MicroPython at LinuxConf in Sydney!

MAC address resolution

Why can't I just ping this widget?

Make your own Client-side Certificates with a Pseudo CA

Making "data" URLs

MicroPython Sprints at PyConAU

Want to sprint on MicroPython?

MicroPython with WebUSB!

Improving the out-of-box experience for MicroPython using WebUSB


I've been doing a lot of work on MicroPython ESP32 lately ...

Micropython Utilities

some utility programs to copy and mount MicroPython filesystems from your computer

More Trickiness With SSH

More Trickiness With SSH (Comments)

the only useful blog post comments I ever got before I turned them off forever

Mouse Events, Canvas and Splines in Javascript / HTML5

HTML5 Canvas reminds me of the good old days of the `APPLE ][` ... this article looks at how to do some interesting things with Canvas and numeric.js Splines.

Multiple Inequalities in Google AppEngine

MySQL: Foreign Keys between InnoDB and MyISAM

Accidentally putting a foreign key between an InnoDB table and a MyISAM table results in an error "Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails"

New New Static Blog Site

This site is now on Github Pages.

New Static Blog Site

This site is now created using Pelican and hosted on Amazon S3.

Nginx proxy_pass to upstream Django always giving 400 Bad Request

I was setting up Django using Gunicorn behind an Nginx proxy the other day, and hit this problem which took a while to find an answer for ... all Django would do was return `400 Bad Request`

Nick Moore

NodeMCU++ ?

Improving on the design of the NodeMCU modules ...


Unicode? Too simple! Try Omnicode!

OSDC 2014 Gold Coast

My presentations at OSDC 2014 on the Gold Coast!

OSDC 2015 Hobart

OSDC 2015 "Talking with Leviathan: Interfacing Open Source to SAP"

On Conferencing ...

So far in 2016 I've been to LinuxConf, PyConAU and Compose, and if it hadn't been the same weekend as PyCon I'd have gone to DDD as well. I've also been along to plenty of smaller meetups including MelbDjango and BuzzConf Nights. So why all this relentless conferencing?

Postgres without SQL

So some ludicrous proportion of SQL these days is generated by one ORM or another. And all the cool kids have decided to move on to the next thing anyway. So that got me thinking ... when we talk to an SQL database through an ORM, we're turning a bunch of operations on objects into a human readable query language, then turning that back into a query plan. *Why?*

Programming Beyond Text Files

Are programs really text files?

Programming for Startups

PyCon 2016 Melbourne

PyCon 2016 in Melbourne ...

PyCon 2018 and Compose Melbourne

I headed to PyCon 2018 in Sydney for lots of Pythonic goodness, and then back home for Compose Melbourne, a newish FP conference.

Python 3: Confirmed

My Python 3 conference T-shirt ...

Python in the Browser

Quick guide to setting up TortoiseCVS / TortoiseSVN


Rocket Surgery at Buzzconf 2017

A build log for the "Rocket Surgery" project at BuzzConf 2017

ShellShock: 'bash' vulnerability

A vulnerability in 'bash', popularly called 'ShellShock' has been all over the news this week. I've spent a lot of time talking to clients about it over the last couple of days, and checking up on systems, so I thought I'd write some of those conclusions down.

Some thoughts on AWS

The great EBS Outage of 2011

Squawk.CC -- The true story

Distributed Disruption of Surveillance ...

Squilla: Serving up Stored Procedures

A (somewhat sketchy) connector between HTTP and postgres stored procedures ...

Static Sites using jQuery to appear Dynamic

A couple of people have mentioned that while they like the idea of offloading their site to a CDN, they're not ready to have their site look like some relic from 1999 ...

Static vs. Dynamic Sites

The current storm in a teacup seems to be about static vs. dynamic website design. As usual, this is a False Dichotomy ... actually, there's a whole range of options to explore.

SyntaxError: keyword argument repeated

Talking MicroPython at PyConAU 2017 ...

PyCon 2017 in Melbourne!

Talks: Nick Moore

Taming "cache.manifest" Caching

Templates Fugit

Testing Django Performance

I presented at the MelbDjango user group on 11 July 2013, here's the slides and some quick scribblings re: the content of my talk, and the feedback from the Djangonauts present.

The Emperor's New Closure: Functional Programming in Javascript

The Internet of (Not Shit) Things

Trying to better understand the problems of the IoT by actually listening to its detractors.

The Internet of (Not Shit) Things (at IoT Aus)

I did roughly the same talk again for IoT Aus

The Internet of Toys: ESP8266, Flobot and Ciril

The Selfish Secret: Logins Without Passwords

Tranquil APIs

Tranquil is a protocol framework which is designed to be very simple and very extensible.

Try: Except: Pass

A short rant about a common beginner's mistake in dynamic languages

Universal Authenticators

Using Closures in Javascript

VRML: Very Odd.

Verifying Apple's Signed Receipts

Apple uses a signing mechanism for in app purchases, but its behaviour is a bit weird. This post outlines how to confirm the validity of Apple's receipts in Python.

Virtual Localization

WASTE: Web Abstract Syntax Tree Editor

Editing an AST in the browser

You've got NO MAIL

ZOMBIE: Remote control of the DOM

What if you could have a rich web frontend without developing one?

a Virtual Load Balancer

IP-layer load balancing without an actual load balancer, by abusing (well, extending) ARP.

iPhone / iTunes / Windows XP / VirtualBox / Ubuntu 9.10

a very old article indeed!

mBots using Nodebot, mBlockly and Arduino

wget –certificate=$X –private-key=$X