Nick Moore

Nick Moore

I’m a freelance Software Consultant, generally working through my company Mnemote Pty Ltd.

I mostly work with Open Source technologies and web services, doing software and systems architecure, business analysis and software development. I prefer to code in Python, but also work in C, JavaScript, SQL and various others.

I’ve been on “the Internet” since 1990 when Melbourne University helpfully provided me with Usenet access, a room full of warm VT320s and, eventually, a degree in Computer Science. Somewhere along the way I learnt a fair bit about Unix, Free Software and IP networking, which have pretty much defined my career ever since. One of my proudest career moments was getting RFC 4429 to Proposed Standard. I’m also very interested in Mesh Networking, MicroPython and programming language design especially in education.

I live in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia with my wife, two daughters, a very enthusiastic dog and a very vocal cat.


The best way to contact me directly is email.

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