January 2020

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A software developer with broad experience across many technologies and industries.



Since 2007 I have been providing consulting services through my company, Mnemote Pty Ltd to many clients based in Australia and beyond:



Designed and implemented features for the ESP32 port of MicroPython, a Python for Microcontrollers. Coordinated community development efforts through the PyCon AU community and Melbourne MicroPython Meetup. Continuing to contribute to MicroPython and the CircuitPython fork through sponsored and pro bono work.

Developed a simple visual data-flow language, “Flobot”, for teaching programming principles to small children through simple robotics. This work is open source and freely available.

Presented on these and other topics at:

… and at many technical user group meetings.


Invented “Optimistic Duplicate Address Detection” and developed it within the IETF IPv6 Working Group resulting in its publication as RFC 4429. Presented at IETF 54 (Yokohama) 59 (Seoul) and 60 (San Diego). This RFC was accepted as a Proposed Standard and has since been implemented in Linux and other operating system kernels.

Created a novel mesh network routing algorithm “Virtual Localization” and published and presented this work and conferences. This work is in the public domain and was presented at NCS 2005 in Thailand.

Publications include:


Completed a B.Sc. at the University of Melbourne in 1996, majoring in Computer Science and including subjects from Software Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Linguistics.


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