CSS Buttons for Native Apps

Using CSS to make nice looking buttons for Native Apps (using PhantomJS)

A client was complaining to me the other day that while we’ve got all our HTML5 buttons under control with CSS, the buttons of his native apps are nowhere near as easy to deal with: instead, he’s got a graphic designer tweaking each one in Photoshop, and no easy way for the programmers to produce a new matching button on the fly.

It occurred to me that the CSS approach worked so well in the browser that we should just steal it. There’s a million CSS Button Generators out there to help you tweak the CSS, what’s needed from there is just a way to render different text onto the buttons just like a browser would.

Thankfully, there’s PhantomJS, which is a headless WebKit browser with extra support for automation in Javascript. You run it with a little control script which can load assets and render into a file and so on. It’s actually very flexible.

Here what I’ve got it doing is applying your CSS to an html <button> element, then cropping that button out of the page and dumping it to a file.

The control script, buttons.js, looks like this:

var page = require('webpage').create();
var fs = require('fs');
var system = require('system')

if (system.args.length < 4) {
console.log("usage: phantomjs " + system.args[0] + " <stylesheet.css> <output.png> <buttonlabel> [<buttonclass>]")

var styles = fs.read(system.args[1]);
var output = system.args[2];
var label = system.args[3];
var klass = (system.args.length > 4) ? system.args[4] : "";

page.content = '<html><head><style type="text/css"></style></head><body><span><button></button></span></body></html>';

page.clipRect = page.evaluate(function(styles, label, klass) {

    document.getElementsByTagName('style')[0].textContent = styles;

    var button = document.getElementsByTagName('button')[0];
    button.textContent = label;
    button.className = klass;

    return {
        top:     button.offsetTop,
        left:    button.offsetLeft,
        width:   button.offsetWidth,
        height:  button.offsetHeight
}, styles, label, klass);



(download it here)

To make a “Fnord” button with your my_buttons.css file, run:

phantomjs buttons.js my_buttons.css button_fnord.png Fnord

If you want to have many button styles in the one css file, you can give each style its own CSS class and pass the CSS class name on the command line too.

You could easily add these as Makefile rules, for example:

buttons/save.png: my_buttons.css
    phantomjs buttons.js $< $@ Save save

buttons/cancel.png: my_buttons.css
    phantomjs buttons.js $< $@ Cancel cancel

The PNG files will get rebuilt by Make any time the CSS file changes.

PS: This code is obviously pretty sketchy, but you get the idea. Get to it and think of more uses for PhantomJS!