New Static Blog Site

2013-06-10 static
This site is now created using Pelican and hosted on Amazon S3.

Up until now I’ve been running this blog on a homebrewed static blog site generator I wrote on a whim … a very minimalist thing based around ‘make’, ‘rst2html’ and some python pickling.

But it made heavy use of SSI, meaning I was stuck running my own webserver instead of handing the job off to S3. And there were a lot of features I’d never got around to implementing!

Then I happened to notice the rather nifty Pelican which uses a lot of the same basic ideas but has an active community, themes, and so on. Since it can also use ReStructuredText, it was a simple process to port all the old articles across … all I lost in the process was some metadata such as the article dates, which I’ve largely recovered by looking at the revision history.


By the time anyone sees this, it’ll be hosted on AWS S3, thanks to the instructions: Setting up a blog with Pelican and Amazon S3, and the builtin support for S3 in Pelican.

Its unlikely I really need S3 at this point, but there’s always the possibility of some article or another hitting Hacker News or Reddit or equivalent and frying my poor little web server crispy.


The theme is based closely on ‘subtle’ from pelican-themes, and I’m slowly mutating it towards my idea of happiness.

The wallpaper is from: Subtle Patterns.

“Bitter” and “Source Sans Pro” font suggestion thanks to: inSquare Media.


Finally getting this site looking decent with a few more theme tweaks, an excessively smartypants error-not-found document and a couple of fixes to Pelican’s URL generation. Next I plan to hook into the LinkedIn Share API.