OSDC 2015 Hobart

2015-10-30 conference / architecture / html5
OSDC 2015 "Talking with Leviathan: Interfacing Open Source to SAP"

I’m in Hobart in for OSDC 2015 … last year was a hoot and while I’m not going to be quite so omnipresent, I’ve got one ‘proper’ presentation to do and I might have had a part to play in a Lightning talk …

Talking with Leviathan: Interfacing Open Source to SAP

SAP ERP is a leviathan of the computer industry: ancient and weird, with its own way of doing pretty much everything. Recently SAP have embraced oData as an interface to their internal software stack, opening up a world of possibilities for open source development at the edge of the SAP system.

This talk reports on a successful project interfacing an HTML5 application to the oData interface of SAP ERP to simplify stock control and logistics within one of Australia’s largest agricultural companies.

I’ll look at user experience design for refrigerated environments, how to get stuff done in a development environment without concurrent version control and what it is like to be a programmer in a hi-vis vest.

I’ll also compare to some previous projects I’ve worked on in a similar space, including some recommendations on how I’d do it over if I got to do it over.

... in the warehouse ...


Slides are here.