OSDC 2014 Gold Coast

2014-11-07 conference / postgres / database / sql / architecture / www
My presentations at OSDC 2014 on the Gold Coast!

I headed to the Gold Coast in November 2014 for OSDC 2014 which was a lot of fun.

Agile in Enterpriseland: Open Source in the Enterprise World

A subjective and hopefully amusing look at what it takes to get Open Source software & Agile methodologies accepted in the Enterprise world.

Postgres & JSON: NoSQL in SQL?

The new JSON datatype in PostgreSQL makes for a pretty nice document store database, with the added advantage that you can join across to relational data.

Lightning Talk: Tranquil Web APIs

Tranquil APIs are similar to RESTful APIs, but with a more expressive syntax allowing for actions to be composed, combined and extended.