Talking MicroPython at PyConAU 2017 ...

2017-08-08 conference / micropython / esp32
PyCon 2017 in Melbourne!

I’ve just finished up at PyCon2017, where I talked about MicroPython … there’s over 700 delegates here talking about a whole range of stuff Python and otherwise …

As always I learned a lot and really enjoyed bouncing ideas off other ideas.

MicroPython on ESP32

I talk about where the ESP32 port of MicroPython is at, and why I think it is particularly interesting, and shamelessly plug the sprint and meetup group.


A lightning talk on a rather silly idea.

Other People’s Talks

Huge number of videos up here: PyConAu 2017 on YouTube

Some fairly arbitrary choices of things which grabbed me:

Sprinting on MicroPython / ESP32

About 100 people attended the Monday sprints, with about 20 working on MicroPython / ESP32 related topics. Thanks to sponsorship from Espressif we were able to give away a whole bunch of ESP32 DevKitCs to attendees interested in working on the port.

If you’re in Melbourne and interested in doing further work on MicroPython in a friendly and supportive environment, check out the Melbourne MicroPython Meetup