PyCon 2021 Online

2021-09-11 conference / python
PyConAU 2021 is online again ... but that just means you can enjoy it from home!

PyConAU 2021 was online again due to The Great Unpleasantness. I didn’t talk this year and only had time to see a few talks so this is just a round-up of some subjective highlights. I’ll add links once the videos are up on the PyConAU channel on youtube and probably add a few more talks too!

Composing Algorithmic (Notated) Music with Python and Abjad (Tsz Kui Pang)

This was an interesting talk about music, but the main thing I found interesting was move from “software” to “notation” to “programming”. Abjad lets you programmatically generate music notation much like OpenSCAD does for 3D models and SKIDL does for electronics design.

Tsz Kui generates a number some interesting but difficult looking scores algorithmically … this monstrosity also came up in the discssion :-)

Snakes all the way down, building Worlds with Python code (Sam Bishop)

This was fascinating and as always something new popped up: Wave Function Collapse as very well explained here by Robert Heaton this looks very cool and I’m looking forward to playing with it.

Setting up a machine translation service for Timor Leste (Raphaël Merx, Mel Mistica)

This talk is about the challenges of setting up which provides machine translation of Tetun, the lingua franca of Timor Leste. Tetun is little known langugage to the rest of the world, with only 1.3 M speaker so there’s little data to work from and it’s far too small to attract the attention of projects like Google Translate.