Python 3: Confirmed

2018-11-28 python / conference / silly
My Python 3 conference T-shirt ...

So a couple of people have asked about the T-shirt I’m wearing in my MicroPython / ESP32 talk at PyConAU 2017 and LinuxConf 2018 talks.

Me at PyConAU 2017 Me at PyConAU 2017

I had the idea a while ago while procrastinating instead of making conference slides: it’s a mashup of the Python logo and the Half-Life 2 logo.


About the logo, the PSF says:

Making your own shirts is OK too, but please seek permission from the PSF if you are planning to sell merchandise that shows the Python logo.

Hopefully Valve won’t mind the one little bit of their logo given it is not used in a way likely to cause confusion. It’s probably covered by Australian fair-use law, but anyway, Valve folks, if you’re reading this can you please just get on with Half Life 3? Or Portal 3 that’d be cool too.

Anyway, in so far as this design has any legal existence beyond that of the source materials, it is released under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Go print your own!


The one in the video is printed by Print Locker on a “GILDAN Adult Ultra Cotton Tee (Chocolate)” and I’m very happy with the print quality: it’s been worn a lot with very little wear.


Here it is as a 2280 x 1730 PNG bitmap, which is plenty big enough to print a T-shirt at 150+ dpi. It isn’t aliased so you can bucket-fill it to whatever colours and fills you like. The background is transparent to avoid weird looking edges. If you’re editing it, don’t save it as a JPG or it’ll go all janky around the edges.

Python 3 Confirmed Python 3 Confirmed!

Download 75KB PNG file

There’s now a vector version vector version as well, although it’s just converted from the PNG using inkscape so it’s not perfect. But it’s handy because you can import it into openscad or similar for 3D printing