New New Static Blog Site

2017-04-04 static
This site is now on Github Pages.


It seems just the other day I shifted this blog to Pelican and S3 but apparently it has been almost 4 years.

Now we’re shifting over to running on Jekyll / Github Pages … it seems easier.

Some things are still a bit borken, but I’m slowly cleaning them up.

UPDATE: This turned out to be a bit epic, due to some mistakes in the way internal links were converted, and link rot on the external resources turned out to be a huge problem. Still, LinkChecker finally returns without errors, so hopefully most of the links are meaningful again.


I didn’t really like the way a lot of the Jekyll stuff worked out of the box, so I’ve reimplmented some of the smaller wheels and kept some of the styling from the old site, and here it is!

The wallpaper is from: Subtle Patterns.

“Bitter” and “Source Sans Pro” font suggestion thanks to: inSquare Media.


(updated 2018-05-05)

The magificent folks at Github and Lets Encrypt now support HTTPS for Github Pages sites on custom domains with no extra effort required.


(2018-05-09) I’ve kind of mashed together the old theme and Hyde with some tweaks here and there. I hope at least some of you find it less ugly than it was before.