The Internet of (Not Shit) Things

2016-05-07 iot
Trying to better understand the problems of the IoT by actually listening to its detractors.

The Internet of Things! Existential menace or meaningless buzzword? Automating away drudgery or just eroding privacy? Cornucopia or Panopticon?

The Internet of Shit

The negative side of the argument is eloquently expressed in too many places to list here, often under the catchy name “The Internet of Shit”. There’s even an @internetofshit twitter account.

But why such skepticism in a world of rampant technophilia? Why are we not, in fact, welcoming our robot overlords?

Very Valid Criticisms

There are a lot of criticisms out there, but for me the top ones are:

Not Shit Things

Turning the criticisms around, what requirements do we get:

Any candidate solution has to address these requirements.

Further Work

I’d like to do some more work on defining a simple candidate protocol which would meet these requirements and hopefully get it published as an RFC. In the meantime, I’ll be talking about The Internet of Toys at Buzzconf Nights and continuing to develop these ideas.