PyCon 2016 Melbourne

2016-08-14 conference / iot / esp8266 / python
PyCon 2016 in Melbourne ...

PyCon 2016 is in Melbourne, and so am I!

“Two days in! One to go! Exhausted! Overcaffeinated! Can barely speak! Why not do a lightning talk!?” – me, this morning.

Last weekend was PyCon AU … it seems like a long time ago already! It was a great weekend, lots of energy and heaps to think about.

There’s videos appearing now on the PyCon AU Youtube Channel and I’ll add some notes on other people’s presentations I found interesting as I get around to it.

I did a couple of talks at the IoT miniconf this year, plus a lightning talk on Sunday.

IoT Miniconf: ESP and MicroPython

I’d previously talked about some of this stuff at Buzzconf Nights:

IoT Miniconf: The Internet of (Better) Things

This was based on a blog post:

I think the Miniconf went very well and I believe we’ll be doing it again next year. Hopefully I’ll have lots more fun things to talk about!

Lightning Talk: Flobot

Several people asked about this after the Micropython talk, so …

I ran out of time to mention that I’m in the process of converting flobot from C to MicroPython and that the entire thing is MIT licensed.

There’s heaps more stuff about Flobot:

I also discuss and demo in * The Internet of Toys

The little prototype robot I demoed with is called Ciril. I’ve also been working on getting Flobot to work on an ESP chip riding on top of an mBot platform, which I’ll write up the details of some time soon.

I got even more interest in Flobot after the talk, so I’m hoping that it won’t be too long before it gets in front of a much wider audience.

Other People’s Talks

So what’s next?