LinuxConf 2018 in Sydney

2018-01-04 conference / micropython / microcontrollers / esp32 / esp8266
Talking MicroPython at LinuxConf in Sydney!

Tutorial: Getting Started with MicroPython

I did a “Getting Started with MicroPython” tutorial at LinuxConfAU this year … I’d previously talked about MicroPython at the Open Hardware MiniConf at LinuxConf 2017 and at PyConAU 2017

I’d like to do more with this tutorial material as time permits …

Open Hardware Miniconf: LoliBot

I was also peripherally involved with the Open Hardware Miniconf project.

Last year, Charlotte and I went to NodeBots Day and, failing to follow the instructions, we made the following:

Chipey Bot

It’s named Chipey Bot after the chip-packet based slider on the leading edge, and uses an ESP32 and a couple of L9110S based motor drivers. Chipey-Bot ended up upgraded with extra LEDs and a voltage booster for the motors, and this design evolved into LoliBot after a whole bunch of hard work from other people.

UPDATE: more on Chipey-bot